Eames plywood chair renderings

I modelled this Eames plywood chair several years ago as a prop for an interior rendering. The client decided to go with a solid colour, so the plywood was not seen. It seemed fitting to finish the model off, right down to the glue between the plys…

Eames Guest Chair Rendering

Eames Guest Chair Rendering

Logitech mouse animation

I’ve re-rendered and re-lit an old animation project, using Lightwave and Octane. The aim was to emulate a backlit light table and backlit graphics, but using Octane materials; diffuse material with a scatter medium and a glossy material to provide the reflections.

Octane render 3.x

With the launch of Octane Render 3.x I thought I’d try some instancing in Lightwave. The rug has over 500,000 instances, set up to deform away from the feet of the furniture automatically, so the furniture looks as though it has settled down into the rug pile. Octane handled things well. I’ll try a more intensive test next time.


After using Solidworks since 2002 for various employers and clients, I’ve decided to get a seat of Solidworks and offer modelling services directly. I still have ProE/Creo, so now I can offer modelling in either package.