Apple Magic Mouse surfacing/sculpting exercise
Modelling Exercise in Rhino

Apple Magic Mouse surfacing/sculpting exercise

The mouse was modelled in Rhino 5 as a nurbs surfacing/sculpting exercise. Instead of defining the boundaries and patching in smaller surfaces, I tried overbuilding a single surface for the top and bottom case and manually moved the CVs to fit the surface to the constructed boundary curve. Using point/surface deviation analysis this was fairly straight forward and the resulting surface was good. I think If I had created patches to ‘fill’ up to an explicit boundary I would have had issues with smoothness and also with the ease of editing the form.

For more information about the process please visit Behance

Modelled in Rhino 5, animated/set up in Lightwave, lit using HDR Light Studio Tungsten and rendered with Octane 2019.

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