Noho pre launch

Noho by Formway Design

I’d like to share a project that I have helped with over the last few years. Noho will be launching soon; designed by Formway Design; made in NZ furniture that will be sold direct to market, starting in the US. First up is a chair that will be launched next month, you can get some glimpses of it in the following link.

Blast from the past

I just found my entry to the very first Octane render competition in 2010. The software was pretty much an alpha release at the time, you couldn’t save your work and if lucky you got 30 mins to set up a scene and render it before the program crashed. It has come a very long way since then. I picked up first place in the contest with this image and won a lifetime license of Octane… which I am still using (albeit the latest cut).

Landscape flyby

For ten years I have been a member of a volunteer group that advocates and builds new multi-use trails in Wellington, New Zealand. Recently the Brooklyn Trail Builders had the chance to present to the Wellington City Council regarding our long term vision. I thought this was the perfect chance to try out a flyby of our proposition using a landscape created with a displacement map and rendered in Octane. The turn around on this was only a couple of days as I had to fit this in around client work.

Logitech mouse animation

I’ve re-rendered and re-lit an old animation project, using Lightwave and Octane. The aim was to emulate a backlit light table and backlit graphics, but using Octane materials; diffuse material with a scatter medium and a glossy material to provide the reflections.