Solidworks Tutorial: Surface modelling a three sided surface.

A short tutorial that covers building a three sided surface from two 4 sided surfaces, including a trimmed boundary. If you will be offsetting surfaces to create a plastic part, it is important you do not model using 3 sided surfaces with a collapsed side or singularity.

Solidworks tutorial: surface modelling a domed button.

Here’s a Solidworks surfacing tutorial that demonstrates one way to create a domed button, using offset surfaces to control boundaries and also using the fill surface feature. This modelling technique can be used for many types of form or detail and by using offset surfaces to control certain aspects of the construction, is robust.

Blast from the past

I just found my entry to the very first Octane render competition in 2010. The software was pretty much an alpha release at the time, you couldn’t save your work and if lucky you got 30 mins to set up a scene and render it before the program crashed. It has come a very long way since then. I picked up first place in the contest with this image and won a lifetime license of Octane… which I am still using (albeit the latest cut).